Full Harmony Banquet Menu

$69 Pick FOUR (4) dishes from the following | 從以下菜式中選四款

King Prawns with Seasonal Vegetables 時菜炒蝦球 
Stir Fried King Prawns in Szechuan Sauce 四川蝦球 
Honey King Prawns 蜜糖蝦球 
Crispy Skin Chicken 當紅炸子雞 
Kung Po Chicken 宮保雞球 
Deep Fried Chicken Breast in Lemon Sauce 檸汁煎軟雞 
Sliced Beef in Black Bean Sauce with Seasonal Vegetables 豉汁炒牛肉 
Pork Cutlets in Peking Sauce 京都肉排 
Sweet and Sour Pork 咕嚕肉 
Honey Glazed B.B.Q Pork 蜜汁叉燒 
Deep Fried Calamari with Peppery Salt 椒鹽鮮魷 
Chinese Mushroom and Bean Curd in Oyster Sauce 紅燒豆腐 
Thai Style Curry King Prawns in Shell 泰式黃咖喱蝦碌 
Egg Plant and Minced Chicken with Spicy Sauce In Clay Pot 渔香茄子煲 
Sliced Beef with Chinese Broccoli 牛肉炒芥蘭 
Braised Beef Briskets and Tendons in Chu Hou Paste 柱候牛腩煲 
Braised Bean Curd with Olive Pickles & Minced Pork 欖菜肉鬆炆豆腐 
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables 清炒時蔬 
Braised Vegetables & Fried Garlic in Supreme Chicken Broth 蒜子鮮雞湯浸菜苗